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"I receive infusions of hope for the process of realizing my life purpose and absorb bits of her energetic life force that is felt as both spiritual energy and concrete, common sense 'Aha' moments. She has a talent for drawing out the essence of who I am, and turning it around so I can examine it. Her 'out-of-the-box' ability to process thoughts, emotions, and actions creates a connection that will not easily be forgotten..."

— Becky P.

Polly truly is the coach to call if you want to get “unstuck”. For years, I have had a negative mindset around a certain issue. After just one session with Polly, I was able to drastically change my thoughts. I’ve since felt better about this issue than I ever have in my life!

— Charlotte W.

I was in a place that felt very confusing and provided no direction for the future. I was stuck. After my first session with Polly I started to feel some hope and excitement. I quickly came to the resolution that I needed to change the way I viewed my life and my thought processes. I was too quick to accept the 'gremlins' word for things. Coaching helped me find direction and confidence. The confidence that I found through this process came from me but was channeled through my coach, Polly. Surprisingly enough, I reached my goals in a few months and felt that I was on my way towards a different life with more flexibility and willingness to be patient.

— Christy H.

Benefits of coaching with Polly are: affirmation, accountability, clarity, courage, encourages expression, encourages exploration, companionship through the process.

— Jan G.

Polly, without warning, you stepped right up to a barrage of unorganized thoughts and impressions, waded through and somehow reflected insightful understanding and suggestions with a positive attitude and humor! I sincerely appreciate the time and listening skills you gifted me with Tuesday afternoon. Your ability to create a sense of validation, even over the phone, helped open up new ideas, reinforce different threads and invited me to hold a more patient, nurturing space for myself in this process.

— Jenny H.

Polly isn't satisfied with taking things or people at face value. There's always more to something or someone and she has the desire and the drive to find out as much as she can. This is an essential characteristic of a coach because she will help others dig deeper inside themselves to discover untapped reservoirs of creativity, strength and courage.

— Kath W.

Polly gives the independent perspective necessary for personal reflection and improvement. She not only facilitates the imperative dynamics to start the process of change, but she provides some of the most catalytic components during the changing process. Her dialogue and questions hit the mark every time with a rare sense of depth, care and timing. Just as important, Polly is in for the long haul with her unparalleled follow through during the time of the engagement. Most of all, Polly shares the necessary tools not only for personal short-term change, but also for an individual's ability to obtain personal elasticity and growth throughout life's journey.

— Laura M.

...I couldn't have gotten my house ready to sell without her. If you have a mess to clean up, Polly is your person...she actually touches the stuff! It was easy to stay focused with Polly's joyful, totally non-judgmental support. I recently had her back to redesign my studio/business space with fabulous results.

— Marion C.

Thank you again for your wonderful and helpful presentation last night.  You have a great way of presenting difficult information and are such a great motivator!  I know our patrons (at the MidPointe Library West Chester) left last night feeling empowered to conquer their clutter.


— Martha Mathews

I called Polly when my kitchen reached 'critical mass!' My kitchen table and counters were a catch-all for bills, keys, letters, books, magazine....overflowing and embarassing. Polly's visits helped me dig out of the mess. More importantly, she showed me some ways to avoid having it happen again. Now, when I start seeing stuff accumulate again, I stop, and use the methods Polly taught me. It's a great feeling to be in control of things, rather than them controlling me!

— Nancy L.

Polly was a godsend, Due to back problems, I couldn't sort through boxes from our move from much had accumulated...Polly came in and made quick work of our closets, attic and spare room. I never felt pressured to get rid of anything that had meaning for me, but I was surprised at how much stuff we did get rid of. We can't wait to have her back to work on our office and garage!

— Shirley R.

Polly, I have to tell you how much I love my organized kitchen!! It makes cooking so much easier- and more of a pleasure. The anxiety I would get when I opened the cabinets is gone! I cooked last weekend for a baby shower and everything was where I could find it. It motivates me to keep working towards our November 2015 goal!  Thanks for your help!

— Sonya B.

Polly's organizational skills and her objectivity were priceless in helping me reach my goals of a clutter-free, organized workshpce. She visualized what I wanted my space to feel like and guided me painlessly through the process. I have a more relaxing place to work since Polly helped me get it organized. It's a great feeling to walk into my office now. My day flows smoother and more efficiently. Thank you Polly for sharing your talents!

— Susan B., Juice Plus+