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Questions From Polly

 Here's an example of what you can expect to receive:

 We tend to reserve excitement and enthusiasm for special occasions like sporting events, vacations or parties. It seems like we need to have a worthy excuse to act a little crazy. What about the fact that the check book balanced on the first try? Or when we get a fabulous parking spot? Our days are filled with lots of opportunities to get excited and celebrate. All we have to do is widen the definition of what is worth celebrating!

Here is the Question:

What is going on in your life right now that you can get excited about and celebrate?


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What people are saying:

  "Questions from Polly" offers a few moments to pause and reflect in ways that are meditative, encouraging, thought-provoking and sometimes like an arrow straight to the current matter one wrestles with. No matter what my schedule entails, I always take those moments to read what Polly has to say. Usually I just go about my business, but there are times I feel she has read my mind and knows exactly the words I need to hear. I have passed them on to help friends, replied from time to time in appreciation, and undoubtedly her words have become a part of the changes in awareness and presence that I begin to recognize in my journey. I may skip many of the things I would like to do, from exercise to meditation, but there is always a few moments for Polly. She is a gifted lifeline.                     -Jennie H.