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The Mess Mender

The Mess Mender

Clearing out those big messes.

How would you spend your time if you didn't feel stuck because of your clutter?

We all evolve faster than our stuff. So at any given time, you are probably surrounded by things that don’t even represent who you are today. I know that it can be difficult to know where to start if your environment is buried in clutter. Decluttering can be scary and overwhelming.

I specialize in helping people get started on the process and keep them focused on going through their belongings and deciding what they want to keep and what no longer serves them. By rolling up my sleeves and helping deconstruct the clutter, I help take the “overwhelm” out of the process.

Choosing to donate some of the items you no longer want is a great way to pass them on to someone who could be using them. In order to free up more of your time and space, I will take anything you decide to donate with me on the day of your appointment and mail you the receipt (if you choose to receive one). This way it gives you one less thing to worry about and lets you see the progress you have made!

I also specialize in helping those who can’t do the physical part of decluttering due to a chronic illness or physical limitation.

Services & Pricing: 

The Preliminary Consultation - Overwhelming to Outstanding (60-90 Minutes): We will tour your home and talk about what you would like to change and what you could do with your space that clutter is keeping you from accomplishing. After the tour, we will create a plan of action for transforming your space from overwhelming to outstanding. $50.00/session

On-going Consulting - Conquer Organizing Challenges: After the preliminary consultation, on-going sessions consist of coaching around organizing challenges and hands-on help from The Mess Mender with decluttering and removal of any items you decide to donate. Donating helps you see more progress right away and it prevents the donation items from becoming a new pile of clutter. $50.00/hour

*All clients receive a postcard after each session that summarizes the activity in that session and celebrates progress! 

Please contact Polly to set up your consultation at 513.305.0401 or You can also use the contact form to submit your request/inquiry.