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October 12, 2020  |  Organizing
What to do with Other People's Stuff
What to do with Other People's Stuff

is trying to control another's behavior." -George Simon


As a professional organizer, I work with people who feel overwhelmed and sometimes depressed about the amount of clutter they have. I strive to help them achieve the goals they have for a comfortable, organized home environment. 


A common thing I hear is not actually about their own stuff but about the stuff that belongs to the people who they live with. It's always easier to point a finger at others and believe that they are the one who needs to change in order to change the level of clutter. When I hear this perspective, I always share two pieces of information: 


1. I don't work with or get rid of someone's stuff if they aren't present

2. The only thing we have any control over changing is our own perspective and our own stuff.


It is quite common that when we make changes in our own way of thinking and in our own level of stuff, our mood will improve. Then, the others in our home see and feel the improvements and want to contribute. The next time you find yourself wishing your housemate(s) would pick up their mess, look at your own piles, and ask yourself:


What can I do with my own piles to improve my mood and environment?