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About Me

Polly Giblin

My name is Polly Giblin and I am known as the Mess Mender.

I haven't always been a professional organizer.  When I decided to leave corporate life twelve years ago, it was to find work that a loved and that I was uniquely qualified to do.  I wanted to create a life that was more fulfilling than simply earning a good paycheck.  I got trained as a Life Coach.  I loved helping people focus on their own dreams and how to make them a reality.  As I was starting my new career, a new friend said she was moving and that the house needed a lot of "going through".  I offered my help because I love getting into the middle of a big project.  She called and I went.  I was like a kid in a candy store!  I crawled under beds, went to the back of closets and all points in between.  It was like going on an adventure, uncovering all these items that had been forgotten years ago.  Little did I know it at the time, but through that experience, a Professional Organizer was born.

You may think that a Professional Organizer is worlds away from a Life Coach but they aren't, at least not for me.  As a Coach, I am helping people reorganize and get rid of clutter inside their minds.  As a Professional Organizer, I am helping people reorganize and get rid of clutter in their environment.  Changing one will always affect the other.

I have always been a fan of transformation.  I'm a sucker for all those makeover shows, the befores and afters will lure me in every time.  The more I worked with organizing clients, the more I enjoyed it because I could actually see the results.

It was challenging to admit that my work as a Life Coach was not showing up how I expected it to, with a traditional coaching practice.  I had to do some mental decluttering of my own and let go of my expectation and embrace this amazing new career that I had never anticipated.  Since my reason for leaving my corporate job was to find my passion and create a career that I was uniquely qualified for, I had to admit that I was really happy as an organizer.  It allows me to create relationships with my clients that mean a lot to me and use all my skills, not just my coaching skills, in helping people create richer, fuller lives for themselves.

Part of my evolution has included helping myself to create a life that I truly love.  Other than my career change, the most notable transformation for me was turning into a musician and co-creating a bluegrass band with my husband.  Since my secret dream in life (since I was a kid) was to sing,this has been a true labor of love!  First I learned to play the banjo because I wanted to learn how to speak to others in the language of music and that led to the opportunity to sing.

These days my schedule is sometimes hectic and sometimes not but it's always filled with things that bring me joy.